Comfortable Head-mounted Bluetooth Headphones with Protein Leather Earmuffs


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These headphones are excellent for daily use on the computer, gaming, or listening to music. Its unique shape makes it stand out and the Protein leather earmuffs make it comfortable to wear for long hours. The built-in microphones can be used for chatting, conference calling, and phone calls while connected to your phone via Bluetooth.


Connection type Bluetooth
Usage head-mounted
Microphone Yes
Frequency response range 20-20k (Hz)
Impedance 32 (Ω)
Sensitivity 120+3db at 1KHz; 1mW (dB)
Speaker diameter 40 (Φmm)
Earmuffs material Protein leather
Weight 0.68 (lbs)

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 8.35 × 4.53 × 7.48 in


Package Content

1x The headset
1x 7 languages user manual


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